Beast tamers in action!

So, young local film maker Jacob Martin was really busy on the day taking lots film footage of runners at various positions around their respective routes. What I’d like to know is how many miles did he do on the day???

Thanks Jacob. This is brilliant!!! 😉


The Beast has been tamed!!!

Waw, what a day!!! Can’t really describe how I feel right now, but tired, elated(that all went well), and also in limbo as not quite knowing what to do next!!!! Probably as I’m tired

The weather was spot on(you should have seen it 24hrs earlier!!!), the marshals were shamazing, the villagers were great in cheering the runners as they staggered back, and the cake was sublime…..apparently!!

 Have to say a huge thank you to all who contributed to making it such a successful event…….again! It’s definitely put Maenclochog on the map! 

Some of the comments have been amazing, but for now, I just want to post the results which are on the online race results link. I might try and put a separate results sheet on the website showing CP times to show how you were getting on against others as you were going around the course, but after I’ve had lots of sleep!!!

Again, thank you to each and every one of you.


Entry list before B day!

So, here we have the last updated list before Beast day in two days time. It’s been a bit frantic here in Beast HQ, answering emails, receiving phone calls, checking orders, and that’s before/after marking the course with over 400 posts, arrows and signs!!!! So I’m currently running on adrenaline now, even at 1am!

The numbers on the side are now your race numbers. As you can see, UltraBeasT are 1 upwards, Preseli Beast are 101 Upwards, and the Beast Bach are 1001 upwards.

Beast Bach 2015 Preseli Beast 2015 UltrabeasT 2015

If there are any issues, then please bring them to my attention. Or bring it to the attention at registration as I’ll probably be rushed off my feet for the next two days!

Also(as if I’ve got nothing to do!!!), there’s a Beast aftermath gathering in the hall in the evening at 7pm with simple but nice grub for £5. Please let me know if you intend on coming to this as we need to know on how many to cater for. There’s a veggie option, and the bar will be open!!!

If you’re looking for me on Saturday, and you don’t know what I look like, then here’s my bestest side!!!!! I’m not the one in green! lol

Cribyn race

‘See you Saturday……..Beast tamers.’