On-line and updated entries, & Beastly training runs!

So, the updated entrants are now on show(in the post below) for all to see who you’re currently up against. The UltrabeasT entry list has gone crazy this year with more entrants than last year…….already!

The on-line entry sytem is certainly helping some runners as I’m not recieving my ‘postal presents’ through the post as much, but it is making things easier for me and for you. 😉

There are also regular training runs if you’re fortunate to be local enough to join in on the fun. I’ve challenged myself to run the 24 mile Preseli Beast course for each month of this year, and I was fortunate to have two others join me for the last one which unfortunately was in foul weather! Three others did 7miles of the course, and I think they were very glad that they weren’t doing any more!!! If you fancy coming along, then please email/facebook me to find out when’s the next outing.

Cheers, Caz

The entries……as of 24th February!

So here is the up-to-date 2016 entries as of 24th February! If you’ve entered, please check your details are correct on the list. If they’re not correct, then please email me and I will adjust accordingly for the next update. Thank you to all who have entered so far. 😉

There’s a battle going on between the UltrabeasT and Beast Bach entrants!!!

UltrabeasT entries 2016

Preseli Beast Entries 2016

Beast Bach entries 2016

Newer Beastly entry form!

For those wanting to pay by bacs transfer instead of the traditional way, there’s now an option to do it. Details are on the newer entry form.

Work is still undergoing in creating an online entry system, but hopefully the bacs option will suffice your needs for the time being.

A quick update on entries……….the UltrabeasT are storming ahead!!! Really!