The Brussel Buster

30th December 2023.

Back for another year, this is a ridiculously fun night orienteering challenge, which you can run as a solo,, pairs, or threes. Come and explore the trails at night. Pick up a pre marked waterproof map at race HQ, then you have 2hrs to get to as many checkpoints as possible. At each checkpoint, you’ll find a red and white orienteering kite and a small zip lock bag. Within each bag are pre-marked A6 pieces of waterproof paper with that particualar checkpoint code, and the value of points it’s worth. This could be 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 points. Upon return, we’ll count up the points. Most points wins. 😉 However, if you’re over 2hrs, you’ll get 10 points deducted for every 5mins you’re over time. Eg, finish 2hrs 13mins- you’ll be deducted 30points!

The race will be run as a clock-in, clock-out, on a 1min staggered start intervals between 5pm and 6pm. Once you’re given the map at the start, you’ll have approx 1 minute of free time to start working out your best route. We will then use your timing chip(which you must keep with you safe at all time) to start the clock on your attempt! You tap it again when you’ve finished. Results will appear live on a TV screen at the finish area and online! There are no finisher medals in this event, just the satisfaction of doing it, and a strava route that looks like spaghetti! As always, all profit go to local charities.

Mandatory kit

  • Waterproof, complete body cover with taped seams and integrated attached hood.
  • Hat and gloves.
  • Whistle.
  • Reflective clothing viewable to front and rear.
  • Emergency food.
  • Insulated spare layer.
  • Emergency bivvy bag– NOT A BLANKET! Plenty on Amazon, or other sites.
  • Map(given to you at the start) and working compass.
  • A good working headtorch, with spare batteries or spare torch.
  • A lightweight windproof top might be acceptable instead of full body waterproof dependent on weather on the day.
  • A fully charge working mobile phone.
  • A permanent marker pen
  • A zip lock bag to put your pages into.


  • Be kind and respectful to all runners.
  • Do not enter any exclusion zones or cross the uncrossable boundary/fence.
  • Smile, and enjoy!

Venue- This year the start Finish will be held from Newport boat club, Pembrokeshire. The event will be semi urban/totally off road. We can supply free hot tea and coffee providing you bring your own mug. However, the bar will be open to you to purchase other drinks. 😉