The Preseli Dip-Dab 4hr score event.

So, what the ‘eck’s the Preseli Dib Dab? Well, It’s a 4hr mountain trial score event on the lovely Preselis, Pembrokeshire on Sunday 25th June 2023. What’s a mountain trial? It’s like an orienteering event where you get given a marked map at the start line, and you have to navigate your own way to various checkpoints/controls. No waymarkers, no arrows, just you, the map, and the hills. This is also a staggered start event, so you can’t even follow the runner in front.  It ain’t a good idea to follow runners anyway as you don’t even know if the person in front is running the same way as you! The event is entirely off-road, with possibly some road crossings!

What’s a score event you say? The map will be pre-marked with all the checkpoint locations on it. Each checkpoint will have a certain score to them, ranging from 10points to 50points! Obviously the higher the points, the harder it is to get there. You’ll have 4hrs to get to as many checkpoints/points as possible. If you go over 4hrs, then you’ll have 10points deducted for every 5mins over time! What’s at each checkpoint? A clear plastic zip lock bag containing waterproof sheets stating the control code and how much it’s worth! Keep the pages safe, and bring them all back for us to count the points. Simple! Each location will have a orienteering kite as below.

First runners can start at 10am, with last runner heading off at 11am. 2 minute staggered starts between runners/pairs. Yes, you can run as a pair if you want. Just let me know.

Local knowledge will be useful, but not essential…….as long as you can navigate.

Details of where the event centre will be located will be given out approx 1 week before the race. You’ll need to be self sufficient out on the open fells, but there will be some refreshments at the end. There will be no aid/water stations out on course, but there will be first aid station at a location marked on the map. The map will also have my contact number should you need urgent assistance, not for asking where you are! lol Regarding water, there’s plenty available from good water courses on the hill……………which is fresh and free!

Mandatory Kit– All competitors will need to adhere to WFRA rules in regards to compulsory kit. You’ll need to carry the following as a minimum.- Full waterproof top and bottoms with taped seams; sufficent food for the duration of your intended course; compass; a mobile; water container; long sleeved top(if you wear this at the start, then it’s fine); a zip lock bag to put your pages in; a small first aid kit; emergency bivvy(not just a foil blanket!) Link here to some on Amazon; whistle; gloves; hat; fell or suitable off-road trainers; a suitable running backpack to carry everything in(apart from the trainers which you should be wearing!); and a waterproof pen/pencil.

The Map– A minute or so before you start you’ll be given a bespoke(love that word) A3 waterproof map in OS form detailing all the control points. It might be worth you spending a little while working out which checkpoints you are going to visit, and possibly drawing your intended route on the map.

Orienteering type orange and white kite below-


Or like this

Not like these kites!!!-

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Your start time will be emailed out to entrants approx one week before race day, as well as last minute instructions on where the start/parking is! On the day, your name will be called out just prior to your start time. Although this can change as the day goes on.

Free tea and cake afterwards.

If travelling from away, then please check out the places to stay page here.

So, are you ready to be Dib-dabbed? Then put the date in diary. In the meantime put the Preseli Beast(or other races down on the calendar. 😉

This will be a limited pre-online entry only.