It’s shamazing!

It’s getting a bit mental now with entries coming in from all over the place. I had 16 entries yesterday…….with 10 of those from Holland!!! Dank u. Do they know that the Preselis have hills?

Here’s the potential beast tamers list so far. As you can see, it’s growing. Thank you all who have entered. Let me know if there’s something wrong.

Beast Bach entries 2016      Preseli Beast Entries 2016         UltrabeasT entries 2016

I’ve had some more shamazing news this week. Cotswolds Outdoors Carmarthen have agreed to donate a Salomon running pack to each male and female overall winner…… each race!

And a new local company who will be launching their new sport supplement business at the ‘Beast expo’, and are supplying protein bars for the goody bags. They will have a stand for you to try various products and shakes. Cheers Tim. 😉

Frontrunner company are busy doing the trophy and T-shirt proofs, and the slate coaster order will be made soon, so please get your entries in asap. 😉

Cheers, Caz the hat

Less than a month to gooooooo!!!

Yes there’s less than a month to go before the fourth running of the Beast event, and even less time to the first Carn Ingli Killer midweek evening race!!!

So, what’s new? Well, entries are coming in thick and fast in all categories. The Beast Bach has soared ahead of the UltrabeasT now with 82 entrants(like it did last year), and the Preseli Beast race has just had a quick surge of entries too pushing it up to 40 entrants, whilst the UltrabeasT is just passed the 50 mark with 52 entrants .

Beast Bach entries 2016 UltrabeasT entries 2016 Preseli Beast Entries 2016

We’ve also had all the trophies sponsored again by the brilliant generosity of the local businesses. Thank you so much one and all. Anyone can still donate to the Goody bag list if they so wish. Please take a look at the sponsors list, and the many various categories and trophies.

T-shirts- Fishguard Chiroprtor clinic . The Globe.       Race numbers –Etts Electronics.

Slate coasters- Cor Harmo-Ni    




Sublimated jade glass trophies


Male 18-39yrs – 1st 2nd & 3rd EJ Lewis Buses
Male 40-49yrs – 1st 2nd & 3rd Carpenters workshop
Male 50-59yrs – 1st & 2nd Phillips & Morris builders
Male 60 yrs+ – 1st Etts electrical                                                                            
Female 18-34yrs – 1st ,2nd & 3rd Arfryn dairies                                                                            
Female 35-44yrs – 1st & 2nd Preseli Edge Angus                                                                  
Female 45-54yrs – 1st Harddwch Eleri
Female 55yrs+ – 1st Etts electrical                                                                            
Local Male – 1st & 2nd FIR                                                                                                
Local Female – 1st & 2nd FIR                                                                                                
Team of three – Male (3x3rds) Pantmawr Cheese                                                                        
Team of three – Female(3x3rds) Pantmawr Cheese                                                                        
BEAST BACH Wooden trophies


Male 18-39yrs – 1st &2nd Phoenix – ECS                                                                                  
Male 40- 49yrs – 1st &2nd Davies roofing Ltd                                                                            
Male 50 – 59yrs – 1st Wallace Direct Ltd
Male 60yrs – 1st Etts electrical                                                                                    
Female 18-34yrs – 1st & 2nd             Phoenix – ECS                                                                                  
Female 35-44yrs – 1st & 2nd Preseli Edge Angus                                                                          
Female 45-55yr – 1st Davies roofing ltd                                                                            
Female 55yrs – 1st Etts electrical                                                                                    
Local male – 1st & 2nd Maenclochog Hardware                                                                
Local female – 1st & 2nd Maenclochog Hardware                                                                
Best Male fun runner Shop Sarah’s
Best Female fun runner Gernant garage
UltrabeasT Sublimated jade glass awards.


Category – Glass trophy  
Male 18-39yrs 1st,2nd,3rd Ivor Rees & sons
Male 40-49yrs 1st & 2nd Wallace Direct Ltd
Male 50-59yrs 1st Gamallt Ltd                                                                                    
Male 60yrs+ 1st Etts electrical                                                                                
Female 18-34yrs 1st, 2nd,3rd Ivor Rees & sons
Female 35-44yrs 1st & 2nd Arbel electronics                                                                          
Female 45-54yrs 1st Wallace Direct Ltd
Female 55yrs 1st Etts electrical                                                                                  
Local male 1st Dogs Galore                                                                                  
Local female 1st Dogs Galore                                                                                    


Goody bag sponsors- Bluestone Brewery.

Spot Prizes- Bluestone Brewery,   Gwaun valley brewery,   Seren brewery

April fools Beastly news.

So Maricraft slate company have agreed to make the brilliant slate coasters again ths year.

It’s brilliant to have Fishguard chiropracting clinic and The Globe Inn, Maenclochog support the Preseli Beat event, and to get our names onto the back of the T-shirts.

Entries are still coming in, and I’m wondering who UltrabeasT no 50 will be??? There were only 31 entrants in total for the first outing of this beastie last ear, so it’s nearly doubled within a year!!!

I’m also delighted to hear again that the 24 mile Preseli Beast race is part of the South Wales fell running championships. It’s the also the longest race out of the series of six!

And as for the Beast Bach, then it continues to be attracting seasoned runners and off-road beginners alike. It might onl be a third of the UltrabeasT, but it certainly packs in some brilliant varied terrain and some tough climbs.

So, if you haven’t entered, what are you waiting for!!! There’s cake at the end too!

Beast Bach entries 2016

Preseli Beast Entries 2016

UltrabeasT entries 2016 

Please remember that there are other off-road races organised by myself too? The new Carn Ingli Killer series, and the Ras y Cerrig las race.  There’s also a new off-road trail race nearby called the Narberth Nobbler organised by some like minded runners. Should be a great year for getting muddy daps!

Caz the hat.

Up-to date entries, sponsors, and 2016 slate coaster.

Things are moving on! The new 2016 slate coaster design has been done. Desolation of the Beast coaster 2016

Sponsors are getting in quick this year too. Only have a 9 categories left out of the total of 32! That’s amazing as they’re were only sent out less than a week ago! Thank you to all the local businesses and organisations in this wonderful community.

Etts electrical who have sponsored trophies and the race numbers again, Fishguard Chiropractic clinic for supporting the T-shirts,  E.J Lewis buses, Ivor Rees and sons electrical, Carpenters workshop, Phillips & Morris builders, Preseli Edge Angus, Harddwch Eleri, Friends In Retirement club, Pant Mawr cheese, Arbel electronics, & Dogs galore. Diolch I chi gyd/ Thank you all.

Now for the entry list as of 20th March. Over 130 entered so far, which is amazing!  If you’ve entered and there’s anything amiss, then please let me know.

Beast Bach entries 2016

Preseli Beast Entries 2016

UltrabeasT entries 2016

Thank you all who have entered and sponsored the event so far.

Cribyn race


Entries as of 8th March!

UltrabeasT entries have been top of the pile since entries opened, but the Beast Bach entrants have finally caught up in the past few days. Not surprsingly really considering we had nearly 5 times more BB than UB last year! UB entries are already up on last years total and are obviously still coming in.

Updated list below. If you’ve entered please check your entry and let me know if any amendments are needed.

Beast Bach entries 2016   

Preseli Beast Entries 2016

UltrabeasT entries 2016

As for the locals training group, then it’s certainly gathering momentum with a number of regulars coming out for jollies in the hills. I’ve also seen a number of others running in the Preselis which was a rare sight a few years ago! It’s great to see more runners out on the hills and it was one of the reasons for creating the event, aswell as to bring runners from further afield to show off the Preselis. It really is a beautiful place. 😉

On-line and updated entries, & Beastly training runs!

So, the updated entrants are now on show(in the post below) for all to see who you’re currently up against. The UltrabeasT entry list has gone crazy this year with more entrants than last year…….already!

The on-line entry sytem is certainly helping some runners as I’m not recieving my ‘postal presents’ through the post as much, but it is making things easier for me and for you. 😉

There are also regular training runs if you’re fortunate to be local enough to join in on the fun. I’ve challenged myself to run the 24 mile Preseli Beast course for each month of this year, and I was fortunate to have two others join me for the last one which unfortunately was in foul weather! Three others did 7miles of the course, and I think they were very glad that they weren’t doing any more!!! If you fancy coming along, then please email/facebook me to find out when’s the next outing.

Cheers, Caz

The entries……as of 24th February!

So here is the up-to-date 2016 entries as of 24th February! If you’ve entered, please check your details are correct on the list. If they’re not correct, then please email me and I will adjust accordingly for the next update. Thank you to all who have entered so far. 😉

There’s a battle going on between the UltrabeasT and Beast Bach entrants!!!

UltrabeasT entries 2016

Preseli Beast Entries 2016

Beast Bach entries 2016

Newer Beastly entry form!

For those wanting to pay by bacs transfer instead of the traditional way, there’s now an option to do it. Details are on the newer entry form.

Work is still undergoing in creating an online entry system, but hopefully the bacs option will suffice your needs for the time being.

A quick update on entries……….the UltrabeasT are storming ahead!!! Really!

A wet January ‘Birthday treat’ outing!

We managed to brave the very wet underfoot conditions after some heavy overnight rain to celebrate Jason Wilkins’s birthday. And although conditions were also misty, at least it didn’t rain whilst we were out smiling our way around the Beast Bach route! Hope you enjoy my first ever homemade little video!

2016 entries are……….open!!!

So, what better way to set goals or resolutions than to enter one of the Beast races!!! However, before you enter please read the new amendments regarding cut-off points!!!

Up until this year there were no cut off times, but to date we’ve been very fortunate with the weather and our fantastic team of marshals who sit out on the hill for hours on end! With this in mind, I am bringing in a realsitic cut off time at various points along the course. I hope you understand the reasons for this, but I have to think of the marshalls, helpers, and yourselves!

UltrabeasT. – Start-09.00hrs; CP8/Foel Feddau(18.7miles)- 5hrs 45min. (If you reach this point after cut off time, you’ll be directed on homeward route to finish as per Beast route); CP9/Foel Drygarn(36.5km)- 6hrs 15mins; Finish-8hrs. Approx 4mph.

Preseli Beast. – Start-10.30hrs; CP3/Newport(11.6miles)- 2hrs 45mins; CP7/Road crossing(17.3miles)-4hrs 30mins; Finish- 6hrs. Approx 4mph.

(Note- If you don’t think you can make the time, then either do the Beast Bach, or enter into the Ultrabeast and follow homeward route from CP8) This would allow you to do the route, but would eliminate you from any of the category prizes.

Beast Bach.–  Start- 12.30hrs;  CP7/Road crossing(5miles)- 2hrs; Finish-4hrs 30mins.

After much deliberation, and some of your comments, the paper entry forms will still be used, and in the next month or so I hope to have set up an online way of paying too. So you have options on how to enter. I was hoping to have set this up before now, but commitments have delayed it.

What are you waiting for??? Go to the ‘Beastly entry form’ page to get your name down!

Cheers, Caz the hat.