Ras Beca

What can I say???? Not a lot really, apart from that I’m honoured to take the mantle on this one, after the previous stalwart organisers have kept it going for some 43yrs!!!! So it’s definitley in the history books.

Those who have ran it before will know it’s a no-frills, boggy, tussocky, hilly race, and I plan to make no changes at all. Why would I?

The race is just the above. Boggy, tussocky, hilly, and pretty tough for a 5.5miler. You have been warned! Saying that, if you take part, you’re also putting your name into the history books of previous competitors! Will there be kinds races as previous. Yes, there will.

Entry might be on the day, or I might decide to make it online. Check back soon!