The Beast has come and gone!


Waw, what a day!

Firstly, sorry it’s taken so long to put the results up. I have so many people to see, and I like to make sure the course is clear. Sunday is recovery day, and I like to try and spend it with the Northern crew who come all the way down just to help out! Thanks.

Beast Bach Results 2018

Preseli Beast Results 2018

UltrabeasT Results 2018

Any issues with times or positions, then please email me. 😉

Right, back to race day. The weather! What a day? It really couldn’t have been better could it. Not too hot, not too cold for you and the army of marshals and supporters. The day before saw very heavy rain, and this made record times very hard to beat, and made the legs even more tired.

After rushing around getting things ready we were up by the starting line. Before I had a chance to say my race briefing, S4C(welsh version of course!) wanted a quick word! Yes, they were here for the first time, and they wanted an interview………there and then! lol No pressure!!! It was great to see the edited programme on ‘Heno’ on Monday 14th. I was quite overwhelmed by it all to be honest! Diolch.

The briefing came and went. Btw, how much do you runners actually listen to the briefing? We then held a 30 second silence for those lost recently. Steve and Hedley- you will forever be in my thoughts. Thank you. 😉 Then for the hugs! Yes, hugs!!! For those who have never been, I ask each runner to do a ‘best of luck’ hug to three other runners before they set off.  Well, it brings a smile or two. lol

Three, two, one, and they’re off!

The Ultra and Beast runners set off together at 10am, and local boy Andrew Hughes battled with newbie Beastie Daniel Mutlow  at the front all the way until The Carn Ingli climb. Although Daniel is from London, he must be used to hills somewhere as he started to show Andrew a clean pair of heels and wasn’t really under any further pressure and eventually won by a 10minute margin. In fact he’d stopped for a chat with the two marshals for two minutes just before the Beasts lair a mile or so before the finish!

Local lass Tasha Sexton had been having serious coaching lessons from Shan Jones coaching, and it certainly showed as nobody came close to her, and finished 5th overall.

The Beast is just that, A Beast. So, why do some think that it’s going to be easy??? lol

Now for the Beast of Beasts. The Ultra. Duane Roberts who was battling at the sharp end had to cut his run short as he’d gone over on his ankle twice on the way down to Newport! This let Aberystwyth AC runner Balazs Pinter to the front, only for him to lose his way slightly on the extra run out to Foel Drygarn. A quick phone call to me, and he carried on in reverse direction. He must have gone somewhat lost again and seriously lost the lead. The ever strong Dave Powell from the same club who always does well on the Beast eventually took the win in a great time of 5hrs 26mins. Not bad for a MV50!!! Balazs eventually came in 6th. Katie Ironside took the ladies category comfortably, and an amazing 4th overall saw her smash the ladies course record in 5hrs 40mins! Mind you she was closely followed by another skirted runner, Little Dave Cummins who was wearing his usual attire, a pink tutu outfit! 37 of the 50 Ultra starters completed the full course. Last but not least of the Ultrabeasters was a very happy if tired Jason who was successful on his third attempt. I was soooooo happy to see him running down through the village. 😉

The 12.30 matinee showing saw a record 203 Beasties toe the line. I’m pretty sure the first ones had gone past the school before the final ones had crossed the starting line! It was some sight. Sarn Helen’s Dylan Lewis took to the front and crossed the line 6minutes ahead of Cardigan RC’s Mark Horsman who was followed in closely by team mate Alex Ferraro.  Glyn Price was 1st MV50 and 5th overall. The overall ladies race was much closer, with only 9seconds separating LTR coaching’s Celia Boothman(FV40), and Sarn Helen’s (OF) Dee Jolly.  13th and 14th respectively. The rest of the bunch enjoyed the mud, the hills, the views, the banter!

A huge massive thanks to each and every one of the marshals(who are totally amazing), registration ladies, Roland and Pat for timings, sponsors, Princess gate water, Cotswold outdoors, Tshirt sponsors The Globe and Caffi’r Sgwar, the villagers and local community, Ian and the crew for doing the food, everyone who brought CAKE, the northern crew, The lobster and the clown, The Beastly top of town band, Huw George for the finishing commentary, you runners, Mike ‘the sweeper’ Evans, but most of all my family,who really put up with my madness.  Where would I be if it weren’t for my family,  or the hills!

Here are just some of the comments! Bless you. –“Best race……ever!” “Never run a race quite like it. The views, the support, the drummers, the HILLS!!!, the cawl, the cake, the smiles.” “Caz and team. What a day? You brought the best of weather, the views, the villagers came out of the woodwork. Waw, best race I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a few. Well worth travelling the 300 mile round trip. See you next year.”  “Third year doing the Beast, and it doesn’t come any easier! I can’t help myself to run as it’s such a brilliant event. It just keeps on getting better and better. The TV coverage was all it deserves. Da iawn I chi gyd.” “Best race, as it has so much cake” “Still can’t over what I did on Saturday. The route had everything. Mud, hills, grass, more hills, more mud, a lobster and a clown, great marshals, quirky signs, awesome villagers, and the cawl and cake was the best! I’ll be back

One sad part of the day was the runner who broke his ankle in the Beasts lair! We managed to get him out, not the easiest of places to get someone out and he was of to Hospital. I’m sure you’re all with me to wish the runner a speedy and full recovery.

Let this be a warning to anyone going off running in the hills. Always be prepared for the worst! Mobile in a waterproof case, coat, gloves, hat, etc. You never know?

Well, on that note, shall we do it again next year? Ok then, it’ll be on May 11th 2019……… if we’re still here. 😉 Hwyl a diolch I chi gyd.



Online entries are…………closed!

Don’t stress too much though if you wanted to enter the 24 mile Preseli Beast or 32 mile UltrabeasT, you can still enter on the day. I’ve sent the lists off to the two lovely volunteers who sort out the results, and having any further entries now will just mess everything up.

The Beast Bach however is full to capacity, and I don’t want to spoil things by having too many of you and having bottle necks. 😉

Oh it’s getting close now!!!

It’s carnage already at Beast HQ, but I’ve managed to find time to sort out the entries to date for you to see. If you enter the Beast or UltrabeasT now, then your name will be at the bottom and not in alphabetical order. Just make sure you say at registration that you’re a late entrant. 😉

Beast Bach 2018

Preseli Beast 2018

UltrabeasT 2018

The coasters and the Beast in the buff’ have arrived! Slate coasters go into the goody bags, and anyone will be able to purchase ‘The Beast in the buff’ on the day for £3.

The Beast in the buff, and Beastly slate coaster.

See ya Saturday.



So, for the 1st year we have reached our 220 cut-off total for the Beast Bach……….AMAZING…….. the online entry page has been closed to new entries as of 10pm tonight. If you can’t find it it’s because it’s not there!

Thanks to all who have entered……! See you next Saturday…

Cut off times!

Thanks to an eagle eyed runner for querying the cut-off times -I have re-visited them since changing the new start times and made sure they are correct- please have a look at the cut off points and times for your race.

Beast Bach entries hit the roof!

Right, entries are coming in at a ridiculous pace for the 11 mile Beast Bach so I’m to capping it at 220(I had originally said 200!) Currently at 207!!! If you want to run, then you really do need to get your skates on. Otherwise, man up and do the bigger one! lol Reasons for capping it is the volume of runners at the bottle necks especially through the woods after 1/2 mile. Plus registration at the hall, and parking in the village could be an issue.

Things are hotting up!

It’s all go at Beast HQ. Trophies have been proofed, and in my mind they look fab. Slightly different from previous years, but just as good. 😉

Beastly rub down! Oh, I say!!! For those of you who fancy a rub down after your hard efforts, then you’ll be pleased to hear that local lad Daniel Salmon who’s doing his 3rd year Sports Rehab, conditioning and massage degree will be on hand to try and sort out your aches and pains. It’s free, but if you’d like to give a donation for his time and troubles. 😉

The slate coaster should be here by the end of this week. Thanks Maricraft slate world. 🙂

We have LOTS of cake in the freezer already, which was lovingly donated by Wynn Cliff from the Anniversary Waltz/Teenager with Altitude race. They’re cakealicous! Not that I’ve tried any of course!!! :p  There’s even more cake coming down from the North too. Ee by gwm, dey know ha ta bake oop der! :p

Now, there’s a slight change of plan for the Friday night with regards to if you wanted to sleep in the hall. The hall is now being used by a small theatre company for a small play. The small front room(where people have slept in previously(and has space for about 12people) will be available from approx. 7pm, and the whole hall and back room will be free after approx 11pm. You can either watch the play, or the Globe Inn is within crawling distance!!! :p The small kitchenette will be available too, but you might have to be twinkletoes as it’s right next to the hall! :p

Current entrants as of Wed 25/04. 😉

Beast Bach Entries 2018 – 183 entrants 

Preseli Beast Entries 2018 – 68 entrants

Ultrabeast Entries 2018 – 42 entrants.

Race numbers have been ordered, and they’ve been sponsored again by Etts electrical services. Thank you. Your race number will be finalised during the week before the race. At the moment the current entry list shows everyone together in their relevant categories so you can see who you’re up against. Final numbers will be given by surname A-Z. 😉

Some UltrabeasT news! 

I need to point out a few things about the cut off point at Foel Feddau, and it is the point at which you leave the 24 mile route on towards Foel Drygarn. Should you be over the cut off time here, or decide to not head out to Foel Drygarn, then you must tell the marshals here this and they will write ‘PB’ on your race number, and a line through it. This will let the finishing line marshals know that you are running the 24 miler instead and you will be given a finishing time and result in the Preseli Beast race. When you return to the finishing area in Maenclochog, you must also remember to finish in the Preseli Beast(24m) funnel. Failure to do this could result in you being given a wrong time, and cause confusion for the timing marshals. It’s confusing enough as it is with three races finishing at the same time!

I’m trying to sort the mammoth job of working out where all the marshals are going, not an easy task when trying to fit in some new ones. I’m incredibly lucky to have such a fabulous bunch of people who really make the whole event so great. Thank you marshals. 😉 If you’d like to help out, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 😉

Right, I think that’s it for now. Thanks all.


Trophies ordered, and updated entry list.

So, the trophies for all the categories have been ordered. A whopping 62, yes, that’s right, 62 trophies!!! Phew! And believe it or not, there are still some categories that nobody has entered for!!! Okay, so it’s for the Ultrabeast which is pretty tough and it’s probably going to get the least number of entrants. Where are the tough F50s in the Ultrabeast, and there’s only 1 OF currently entered too! 🙂 I’m sure some will step up to the mark before the day.

A huge Thank you to all the sponsors. Please click below to see the whopping trophy list and their sponsors.

List of sponsors 2018  

Huge Thanks to Etts electrical for agreeing to sponsor the race numbers again. 😉

I’ve also updated the entry list, so please have a look to check if your details are correct on there. It’s also good to have a sneaky look at who you’re up against!

Beast Bach Entries 2018

Preseli Beast Entries 2018

UltrabeasT Entries 2018.xls

More good news is that Jacob Martin from Mid Nowhere productions is doing another Beastly film for us. He’s done amazingly well to take soooooo much footage over the years. He probably runs around just as much as all you runners. Please find his previous Beastly films, you never know you could already be famous if you’ve previously tamed the Beast. :p

Cheers all.


The weekly Beastly entry update!

Beast Bach entries seem to be racing in and although there’s ‘only’ 125 entered so far, I will be capping it at 200 ‘if’ it reaches that far.  The Preseli Beast and UltrabeasT entries are also coming in, and it seems some of you are in a quandry on which one to do. Perhaps it’s just too tough! And where are the ladies(apart from the F40s’)? Click on either of the below to see who’s already entered. To find names easier, click on race entered, go to category entered, then find first name in alphabetical order. Simples.!

Beast Bach Entries 2018

Preseli Beast Entries 2018

UltrabeasT Entries 2018.xls


Update, update, and……..update!

Firstly, the entry update as of 18th March ’18. Next update will be in approx 10days time.  Please let me know if there are any discrepancies on the list.

Beast Bach Entries 2018

Preseli Beast Entries 2018

UltrabeasT Entries 2018.xls

2nd Update. I’ve had an amazing response already from some of the local businesses wishing to support the Beast. Thanks to Caffi’r Sgwar, and The Globe Inn for supporting the T-shirts. Then onto the trophies- Cakes by Carolyn( F18-39 UB), Ivor Rees and sons electrical(F18-39, F40, F50, F60 in PB); Pantmawr cheese(team of three Female PB); Phillips and Morris builders, Clunderwen(M40 PB); Wallace direct Ltd home maintenance(M50 PB, F50 UB, & F50 BB); & Caffi’r Sgwar (1st local male & female in UB). Diolch i chi gyd(Thank you to you all).

Right, some important news!!!!! Since entries opened in February, I’ve had a rethink of the starting times of the Preseli Beast and UltrabeasT? Previously I’ve had the two races starting at different times(9am and 10.30am respectively), but this means that the marshals up until CP 6(approx 18 miles) are out for quite a long time and are hanging about in-between both races. So, to alleviate the issue I’m going to start the two races off at the same ‘new’ time of 10am. What this change of time really  means is that the Ultrabeast runners have got time for second breakfast or even a lie in, and the Preseli Beast runners just need to get their skates(or daps) on a tiny bit earlier! I hope you understand my reasons, and in hindsight I should have looked into this before entries opened. If you have entered and are unhappy or concerned, then please email me.

The other reason for starting the two races together is so that if any of you UltrabeasT runners get timed out at Foel Feddau(start of the 8mile extra circuit) you can still run the Preseli Beast route back and still get a recognised result in the Preseli Beast race.

Cheers, Caz the hat.