Updated entry list!

If you’ve entered either race, please check if you’re details are correct. Names are in alphabetical order in the categories. Please note this will not be your race number………yet!

Preseli Beast 2017 compatible version

Beast Bach 2017 Compatible version

Please let me know asap if your details are wrong….or not even there! ūüėČ Now you’ve seen what the Tshirts look like and want one(even though you hadn’t ordered one previously) then you can still do so up till the 25th April clearly indicating size.

Cheers all. ūüėČ

Ps- Last date to make sure you get a full goody bag including slate coaster is 26th April!

News, news, and more news from Beast HQ!

Yes, more updates from Beast HQ. Firstly, the entries update shows that the Beast Bach has reached 74 and¬†is closing slowly on the Preseli Beast which has today reached 84! Thanks to all of you who have entered, and please check details on the list if you’ve entered.

Beast Bach 2017 Compatible version                  Preseli Beast 2017 compatible version

Sponsorship letters have gone out to the fabulous local businesses this week, and we’ve¬†already have a 1/3rd of the trophies sponsored for! The¬†race numbers have kindly been sponsored by Etts electrical, and we have a Tshirt sponsor by ‘The Globe’. Handy for refreshments after a hard day in the hills!!! Thank you all.

We’ve come up with this years branding around the slate coaster? In the past we’ve had ‘Can you tame the Beast’, ‘Return of the Beast’, ‘Burden of the Beast’, and ‘Desolation of the Beast’. This year however is the 5th year, and although we’re not using the word Beast, it sort of suits our sense of humour………Flit of the Five Fanged Fiend! The Beast will have lost one of it’s fangs, and they’d also have grown too!!!

We’ve also been busy coming up with a design for the¬†Tshirt, and although we don’t have a design to show you yet, we reckon¬†you’re going to like it.¬†

Check back for more¬†updates in a week or two. ūüėČ

Updated entries 24/03/17

So entries are continuing to come in at a steady flow. The Beast is storming ahead, and it’s already surpassed previous years entries. If you’ve entered, please check all your details are correct on the list by clicking on either of the respective races in blue below.

Preseli Beast entrants 2017            Beast Bach entrants 2017

Cotswolds Carmarthen¬†have agreed again to support the event by giving Solomon sports bags to the winners, giving discount vouchers for their store as well as helping to fill the goody bags. Thank you Cotswolds Carmarthen. ūüėČ

Etts electrical have already signed up to sponsor the race numbers. Thank you. ūüėČ

Entries open in February

No need to worry if you can’t find where to enter. The page has been taken down for the time being as entries will open in February. Please check back then. Thanks.

Some good news, and not so good, Beast news!

First the good- I’m honoured to announce that the 24 mile Preseli Beast race¬†has been chosen to be in the Welsh champs fell series for the first time…….ever!¬†It’s been part of the South Wales series before, but not the welsh champs. The series comprises of¬†six races-3 in the North, 3 in the South, and it’s a great¬†excuse¬†of running in some new races. To qualify for the champs series you need to take part in at least¬†3 of the 6 in the series, and there’s a very good chance of coming away with a prize as not many can manage¬†4 of the 6. The¬†Beast also happens to be the first in the series, and is the only long category race!¬†Welsh Champs series

Now for the ‘sort of’ not so good news…….I won’t be running the UltrabeasT in 2017! Why? Three reasons; 1-It will hopefully boost numbers for the 24 miler and make it into a cracking champs race; 2- It will hopefully make you think about doing the series and boost numbers for the other races in the series; 3-I have the biggest race in my life a few weeks after and will be trying to save as much time to train and rest for that. It’s going to be tough enough anyway!!! I hope those wanting to do the UB will understand my reasons. For those who have never done the Preseli Beast, then enter it as even that’s tough enough!!! And if¬†you still¬†want to run a bit more than 24 miles, then why not run back up to the highest top via the ‘wall of death’!!!

Carn Ingli Killer Saturday 15th October

Yes, the final race in the series is Sat 15th at 1pm. Registration is at the Tourist Information centre in Long street, Newport. The start is just up the road at the top of Market st. Entry is ¬£3, which includes tea and cake. ūüėČ

A huge¬†THANK YOU¬†to Bluestone Brewery who have agreed to sponsor the category winners prizes……..of their finest ales. Thank you.

There will also be a social run after clearing up of the TIC along the coastal path, and up onto Ingli common at a more relaxing pace to sample the views out over Newport bay. All abilities welcome.


Carn ingli Killer- Postponed

Sorry to say that the last race of the series which was due to be held on Wed 14th Sept will be postponed until further notice. I will hopefully come up with a new date soon.


Caz the hat.

Carn Ingli Killer update

So, there have been two races so far…….

We had¬†great weather¬†for the¬†first race in April¬†which was¬†won by Aled Jones-Davies(TROTs) in 30:23, some 20 secs in front of Heddwyn Evans(Emlyn flyers/WCT). There¬†was even less of a gap between 3rd placed Jonny Sable(¬†Rhedwyr Preseli) and 6th with only 20 secs between the 4 positions. David Warren(1st M50), who was actually late starting, finished a cracking 5th¬†and¬†might have won overall if he’d have started on time!¬†Jason Wilkins(Cardigan RR was 1st M40 in 7th, whilse M60’s little¬†powerhouse Malcolm Clash(Rhedwyr Preseli)¬†was 10th. He was closely followed by 1st lady¬†Nerys Jones(TROTS)11th, whilst 1st F50 was Helen Williams(TROTs). Carn Ingli killer April results¬†

Sunset 2016

June’s 2nd¬†race saw brilliant conditions with a sea mist cooling things down over Newport. It warmed up as they climbed up to the summit, with some cracking views over Newport bay…..if you dared to look!. Times were¬†smashed with newbie to the race Alan Latter(Team Cemais)¬†coming in 28:13, whilst Heddwyn was 2nd again but in a better time than previously in 28:23. Heddwyn currently leads overall as he’s done two races so far, but all that could change on the final race. Another newbie to the race was David Cole(WCT) who was actually 1st to the summit, but his off-roading skills weren’t quite¬†fast enough to keep the pack at bay and finished a very credible 3rd in¬†29:44. Rhedwyr Preseli’s M60’s running man on fire Malcolm Clash came in 6th overall, whilst M50’s TROTs runner Andrew Clement just pipped M40’s Cardigan RR Jason Wilkins for 9th. Only female to run this time around was CardiganRR¬†Jane Wilkins¬†who was 2:40 quicker than her first outing. Carn Ingli killer June ’16

Most runners were a minute or so quicker than their first race, and everyone enjoyed the usual post race cuppa and cake back at the visitor centre on Long st. Thank you to the visitor centre for letting us the venue.  

Sunset over Newport

This was the view I had whilst picking up the markers after everyone had eaten all the cake and gone home! ūüėČ

Huge thank you to the helpers and marshals out on the course. These races would not happen without their help.

Last of the three races is on September 14th at 7pm.