Update, update, and……..update!

Firstly, the entry update as of 18th March ’18. Next update will be in approx 10days time.  Please let me know if there are any discrepancies on the list.

Beast Bach Entries 2018

Preseli Beast Entries 2018

UltrabeasT Entries 2018.xls

2nd Update. I’ve had an amazing response already from some of the local businesses wishing to support the Beast. Thanks to Caffi’r Sgwar, and The Globe Inn for supporting the T-shirts. Then onto the trophies- Cakes by Carolyn( F18-39 UB), Ivor Rees and sons electrical(F18-39, F40, F50, F60 in PB); Pantmawr cheese(team of three Female PB); Phillips and Morris builders, Clunderwen(M40 PB); Wallace direct Ltd home maintenance(M50 PB, F50 UB, & F50 BB); & Caffi’r Sgwar (1st local male & female in UB). Diolch i chi gyd(Thank you to you all).

Right, some important news!!!!! Since entries opened in February, I’ve had a rethink of the starting times of the Preseli Beast and UltrabeasT? Previously I’ve had the two races starting at different times(9am and 10.30am respectively), but this means that the marshals up until CP 6(approx 18 miles) are out for quite a long time and are hanging about in-between both races. So, to alleviate the issue I’m going to start the two races off at the same ‘new’ time of 10am. What this change of time really  means is that the Ultrabeast runners have got time for second breakfast or even a lie in, and the Preseli Beast runners just need to get their skates(or daps) on a tiny bit earlier! I hope you understand my reasons, and in hindsight I should have looked into this before entries opened. If you have entered and are unhappy or concerned, then please email me. [email protected]

The other reason for starting the two races together is so that if any of you UltrabeasT runners get timed out at Foel Feddau(start of the 8mile extra circuit) you can still run the Preseli Beast route back and still get a recognised result in the Preseli Beast race.

Cheers, Caz the hat.


Beastly news.

So, it’s been quite busy in Beast HQ recently. Entries are still coming in, and it seems that a number of you still can’t decide whether to do the Beast or UltrabeasT. It seems you’re leaving entering until nearer the time to see how training is going. Just so you know you can change your mind which race you actually run in without having to re-enter, but please let me know by email before race day.

Now for the biggest news of all- I was going to change things a little this year(as I do), in that I was thinking of swapping the coaster for a bespoke Beastly buff! It seems that outrage might have set in with past beast tamers, as the coasters are now becoming collectors items! So we’ve decided to keep it the same, and have the Beastly buffs for sale on the day for just £3. You can’t go wrong with these, and I think they look great. Any proceeds(not much I might add) will go into the Beasty(not piggy) bank for me to finally get my own laptop for beastly business as I currently share the one laptop between us!


   The T-shirt design has been finalised too. Cheers to Chris WELTON for this. 😉  We haven’t quite decided on the colour though. Decisions decisions!



What do you think?

Trophy sponsor letters have started going out, and I’ve already had some quick replies! Thanks to Cakes by Carolyn, Ivor Rees & sons electrical, Pantmawr cheese, and Etts electrical for sponsoring the numbers again. Thank you all.

If you would like to sponsor a category trophy, then please get in touch. [email protected]

Entries to date, 10/03/18- 

To find your name, click on the race you’ve entered below, find what category you’re in, and you should find your name in alphabetical order in that category group. 😉 Please remember any entries after 10/03/18 will not be in this list. Lists get updated every few weeks. 😉  

Beast Bach Entries 2018

Preseli Beast Entries 2018

UltrabeasT Entries 2018

Cheers all. Grrrrrrr. 😉

The Beast from the East meets the Beast from the West!

“So, this Beast from the East thinks it can take on the Beast from the West eh! Well, it might need to know that it’s got it’s work cut out with this Beasts savage looks and gnarly teeth. Not heard of this Beast from the west? Well it’s the Preseli Beast of course. The Preseli Beast fell race is on May 12th, and this is its 6th year. During it’s time many runners from all over the country have tried to tame this beast, and It’s been known to make even the strongest man or woman wimper. With it’s three Beastly courses and the feared ‘Beasts back’ hill, it ain’t for the faint hearted. The consolation to those who do try and tame this Beast comes in the form of its cheery marhsals, and the table that groans under its weight in cake at the very end.

To find out more about the Beast from the west, then please check out the rest of this website.  Grrrrrr.”

Grrrrrr, it’s Sanna the Beast!

Beastly entries!

Waw, it’s been a busy start since entries opened with many of you getting down and dirty to entering early. 😉 Some new runners, and many returning for more……………cake! 🙂 Thank you everyone. If you’ve entered, can you please check your details and let me know if there’s something wrong or you want me to change. All the entrants on the list are up to the 20th Feb.

Beast Bach Entries 2018

Preseli Beast Entries 2018

UltrabeasT Entries 2018

Now, what do you think of the front of the Tshirt?

Entries are…………………open!

Yes, that’s right folks, entries are now fully open. 🙂

You might notice that the website has had a bit of a makeover. Hopefully this will make it easier for you, and for me. If you can’t find anything that you’re looking, or experiencing issues, then please get in touch.

Below is the logo that will be on the front of the Tshirts this year. Thanks to Chris Welton for designing it. 🙂 Colour might vary.


2018 Beastly dates.

Sat 12th May 2018, and back by popular Beastly demand, the UltrabeasT makes its return. The date is a bit later than normal due to the Bank holiday weekend being a bit later. Beastly Saturday will generally always be the Saturday following the first Bank holiday in May. Entries open beginning of February 2018. 

Other dates for the 2018 diary-

Tuesday 12th June at 7pm, the Carn Ingli killer race. Just a short 3.5mile race up over Carn Ingli!!!

Sat 16th June at 2pm. The Ras y cerrig las race, a great little 7 mile fell race. There will also be junior races at this event probably around 1pm. Not a clue what age categories or  distances yet, but it will be great nonetheless.

Sun 17th June at 2pm. The Cwmcerwyn race incorporating the ‘Wall of death’! nb-everybody made it to the finish in 2017!!!

Yes that’s right, three races within a week!!! A great excuse to make a long weekend of it! :p

Last but not least, there will always be tea and cake at each event. Can’t run without having cake!!!

See ya in 2018. 😉

Updated entries as of Star wars day, ‘May the 4th be with you’!

So, this is the updated entry list. This probably isn’t your race number yet as there will probably be a few more entries before Friday!!! Please check your details are correct, and please get in touch with me if they’re not.

Preseli Beast 2017 compatible version

Beast Bach 2017 Compatible version

Registration will be open from 08.30hrs till 10.25hrs for Preseli Beast entrants. This is where you will pick up your race number and goody bag if you’ve pre-entered. Please allow enough time to travel down, park up, and register.

Rgistration for Beast Bach will open after 10.35am, or after the Preseli Beast runners have started. There might be some time to register and pick up your number ‘if’ the Preseli Beast registration is quiet!!! Again this is where you will get your race number and goody bag if you’ve pre-entered.

If you’ve ordered a Tshirt, then you will get these as you register.

For those who have not entered, and want to still run, then you can still do so, but you might not get a goody bag as these are being bagged up before hand. I will make up spares though, but these will be given out after you’ve finished. You will still get cawl, tea and cake though. 😉

Huge thanks to the marshals, and sponsors who really make this event happen. 😉

Cheers all, Caz the hat


Last minute orders for T-shirts!!!

You’d best be quick as I’m ordering the Tshirts Wednesday morning!

Quick update on route! Those who have run before will know about the stiles on the first section to Rosebush which you also do on the last. Well the national parks have been super helpful as they’re opening them up with temporary fencing so that you will be able to run straight through. 😉 Diolch guys, 😉