Final Pre-race details.

Shwmae we Beasties.

The Beast is nearly with us, so there’s a few important things to note before coming.

Parking– This will primarily be in the Community hall car park, and the field beyond, as in previous years. You can camp in the field on the night before and on Sat night if you so wish. There is also parking in the public car park opposite The Globe pub. If these car parks fill up, then there will be an overspill car park in the primary school car park/playground which is situated 100yds above the green on the right. 

Registration– We’re hoping that this will be done on the village green, where the finish usually is. However, this depends on the weather, in which case we’ll be in the village hall. Registration opens for PB and UB, 08.45am- 09.45am, whilst the BB is 10.15am – 12.15pm. There will be two tables- Surname A-M, and surname M-Z

Tshirts– Ok, so those that have ordered a Tshirt, you can collect your Tee just after registering. If you didn’t order one, but you’d like to buy one, then come back after 1pm and see if there are any available. On a slightly sad note the Tshirt company have printed these on cotton T’s, and not on wicking Ts sorry. They still look great though. 

 Wristband timing system– A wristband will be given to you at registration. It’s your responsibility to make sure you wear/keep this on you at all times AND make sure you dib in at the end!!! This is the only way you’ll be given a time/placing! Results will be viewed on-line soon as runners cross the line. Cheers Tim. 😉

Race numbers- This will be given to you at registration. Please safety pin your number to the front of you! It makes it soooooo much easier for marshals at checkpoints, especially when there’s a few of you!

The Start– This might be on the big finishing green this year, so please bear this in mind. There might be some hugging, as it used to be! If you don’t want a hug, then that’s fine. When it gets to the higging stage, just put your arms in a cross across your chest to stop being hugged by a random runner! PB and UB start at 10.00am, whilst the BB start at 12.30pm.  

 Kit– Please bring with you to the event all the kit you’d need as specified on the WFRA website, ie- Full waterproof top and bottoms, hat/buff, gloves, whistle. This might change to a windroof top instead of waterproof top depending on weather forecast. And this will be announced on a board near registration on the day. For the P Beast and UltrabeasT you’ll also need a map and compass, as both routes will not be fully marked! I will have printed PB/ and extra UB loop maps on the Tshirt table, and these can be bought for 50p each. However these will not be waterproof, so please bring a polypocket or similar. Otherwise print your own off from the Beast website- The Routes with Photos – The Preseli Beast

Marshals– There are load of marshals out along the course. Please say a big thanks to those you see. 😉 

Course markers– The Beast Bach is fully marked, but the Preseli Beast and UltrabeasT will not be fully marked. Markers will be either yellow painted arrows, white painted canes, and metal pins with small red flags on top.

Water and food along the course. There will be water/food in both Gwaun valley checkpoints, Newport, Tafarn y Bwlch road crossing/BB turn around, and at Foel Drygarn for the UB. Food will be jelly babies, and bite size pieces of soreen/choccy bars. We will NOT be providing cups at these stations, so it’s up to you to provide a bottle/cup to drink from. This is to reduce waste and cost. 

Water along the course. At the bottom of the Beasts Back, you’ll cross a stream. There is an earlier stream which is rocky, but it’s best to drink from the second one.  This is a great place to refill your bottle or drink from. This will be the last place to drink for those doing the BB/PB. It’s approx 4/5miles from the finish, but it’ll feel longer as you’ve got two big climbs to do! For those doing the UB, then there’s a couple of water courses to fill up from before Foel Drygarn/furthest point, but once you leave Foel Drygarn, then there’s no water until the finish! 😋

 Roads!- We try to make the best efforts to inform other road users that a running race is on by placing the correct signage and having marshals in place. However it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s safe to be on the road. The roads are not closed off to traffic, so please be vigilant when going on the road, however small the road is!

Finish– Make sure you dib your wristband as soon as you finish. Then please remove your wristband and place it in the wristband bucket. 😉 Once you finish, please collect your coaster, and food token and cake token. You’ll need the token to get cawl and cake!

Water at the end. There will be a free water bottle and a banana after you finish, so please look out for these. There will be no goody bag, sorry. 

 Food– Caffi’r sgwar will be making the usual tasty cawl, and this will be served from the door on the left hand side of the cafe. Do not go inside the cafe to get your cawl!You will need to bring your own bowl and spoon, and your own mug for teas/coffeesYou’ve been warned!

Prizes– We will only be awarding trophies to the first in each category in each distance. If you see a star next to your name on the online results, then please be on the green for presentations between 3 and 4pm. If you have to go before that, then please come and see myself or someone who knows what they’re doing!

Retiring before the finish. If you retire somewhere out on the course, then PLEASE return to the finish as soon as you can. This is so that we can get the wristband off you, and know that you’re safe and ok. Please don’t just send me a message, as I may not see it. Feel free to try ringing me if needs be, but again, don’t just leave a message as I may not get it. If we don’t know where you are, there might be a search party out looking for you!!! 

Afterwards– Please relax on the green if you have time, and watch/clap/shout the other runners coming in. The Globe is just across the road, as is the Caffi’r sgwar. The Pretty platters mobile gourmet food stall will also be there too from 3pm to 9pm! 😉 

Please check your legs?! Yes folks, it’s coming up to that time of your when those horrible little Ticks are about again. How To Remove Ticks – Bing video.

Post run Massage! Chris of Trailhead sports and coaching is a qualified sports masseur and will be providing pain, I mean massage, for those wanting to try and ease those aching muscles. Look out for him in a tent on the green, or in a small quiet room in the hall. 😉 

And after everything has finished, please feel free to join me/us in the Globe for a beer……….or five! 😋 

See ya Sat,

for hugs.

Caz the Hat.

PS- I have a new hat! 😋 

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