Some good news, and not so good, Beast news!

First the good- I’m honoured to announce that the 24 mile Preseli Beast race has been chosen to be in the Welsh champs fell series for the first time…….ever! It’s been part of the South Wales series before, but not the welsh champs. The series comprises of six races-3 in the North, 3 in the South, and it’s a great excuse of running in some new races. To qualify for the champs series you need to take part in at least 3 of the 6 in the series, and there’s a very good chance of coming away with a prize as not many can manage 4 of the 6. The Beast also happens to be the first in the series, and is the only long category race! Welsh Champs series

Now for the ‘sort of’ not so good news…….I won’t be running the UltrabeasT in 2017! Why? Three reasons; 1-It will hopefully boost numbers for the 24 miler and make it into a cracking champs race; 2- It will hopefully make you think about doing the series and boost numbers for the other races in the series; 3-I have the biggest race in my life a few weeks after and will be trying to save as much time to train and rest for that. It’s going to be tough enough anyway!!! I hope those wanting to do the UB will understand my reasons. For those who have never done the Preseli Beast, then enter it as even that’s tough enough!!! And if you still want to run a bit more than 24 miles, then why not run back up to the highest top via the ‘wall of death’!!!

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