Final Beastly preparations!

So, the last entry list and race numbers have been done! This will be your race number on the day! If you can remember it, it’ll make it easier and quicker for the registration ladies. 😉  

Beast Bach entries 2016     Preseli Beast Entries 2016        UltrabeasT entries 2016

Race numbers will be given out on the morning of the day.

Ultrabeast registration opens from 08.00hrs – 08.45hrs. Race briefing on the start line at approx 08.45hrs.

Preseli Beast registration will also open at 08.00hrs, but feel free to come after 09.10hrs. It will remain open until 10.15hrs, and briefing will be on start line at approx 10.15hrs.

Beast Bach registration will be from 10.40hrs until 12.15hrs, Briefing on start line at 12.15hrs.

Thank you to everyone for entering, but a mahoosive thank you has to go to all the other people who have helped make this event possible.

Now, lets go hunt some Beast!!!

Caz the hat. 😉

The countdown begins!

So, with just over a week to go it’s starting to get a bit frantic in Beast HQ. Entries are still coming in, and I’m starting to worry if we have enough………….cake! 287 entries so far, and numbers in all categories have increased from last years event.

Beast Bach entries 2016        Preseli Beast Entries 2016         UltrabeasT entries 2016

Orders have been made for the coasters, Tshirts, trophies, and the new car stickers! It was one thing I forgot last year, but I’ve somehow remembered to get them done this year. They’ll look a bit like this.

2016 car sticker

So if you haven’t got your entry in now, then you will probably miss out on the Tshirt, so please don’t order one in case we don’t have any. We might have one or two spare on the day, but we won’t know what size!

Help is coming from all different directions this year. We have people from Cumbria, to South Wales, as well as the Pembrokeshire locals coming to help. I had a message today from a runner who’d entered the UltrabeasT saying that he can’t run now, but is still coming down with his kids to help out! Waw, the support is shamazing and takes my breath away sometimes. Thank you all for making this event what it is.

Thanks too to my 2nd in command, Rachel, for putting up with my madness, for her brilliant creativeness, and for being so understanding when I just come up with these crazy ideas. 😉

Now don’t overdo it this week now, or the Beast will have you. 😉

Caz the hat.



Less than a month to gooooooo!!!

Yes there’s less than a month to go before the fourth running of the Beast event, and even less time to the first Carn Ingli Killer midweek evening race!!!

So, what’s new? Well, entries are coming in thick and fast in all categories. The Beast Bach has soared ahead of the UltrabeasT now with 82 entrants(like it did last year), and the Preseli Beast race has just had a quick surge of entries too pushing it up to 40 entrants, whilst the UltrabeasT is just passed the 50 mark with 52 entrants .

Beast Bach entries 2016 UltrabeasT entries 2016 Preseli Beast Entries 2016

We’ve also had all the trophies sponsored again by the brilliant generosity of the local businesses. Thank you so much one and all. Anyone can still donate to the Goody bag list if they so wish. Please take a look at the sponsors list, and the many various categories and trophies.

T-shirts- Fishguard Chiroprtor clinic . The Globe.       Race numbers –Etts Electronics.

Slate coasters- Cor Harmo-Ni    




Sublimated jade glass trophies


Male 18-39yrs – 1st 2nd & 3rd EJ Lewis Buses
Male 40-49yrs – 1st 2nd & 3rd Carpenters workshop
Male 50-59yrs – 1st & 2nd Phillips & Morris builders
Male 60 yrs+ – 1st Etts electrical                                                                            
Female 18-34yrs – 1st ,2nd & 3rd Arfryn dairies                                                                            
Female 35-44yrs – 1st & 2nd Preseli Edge Angus                                                                  
Female 45-54yrs – 1st Harddwch Eleri
Female 55yrs+ – 1st Etts electrical                                                                            
Local Male – 1st & 2nd FIR                                                                                                
Local Female – 1st & 2nd FIR                                                                                                
Team of three – Male (3x3rds) Pantmawr Cheese                                                                        
Team of three – Female(3x3rds) Pantmawr Cheese                                                                        
BEAST BACH Wooden trophies


Male 18-39yrs – 1st &2nd Phoenix – ECS                                                                                  
Male 40- 49yrs – 1st &2nd Davies roofing Ltd                                                                            
Male 50 – 59yrs – 1st Wallace Direct Ltd
Male 60yrs – 1st Etts electrical                                                                                    
Female 18-34yrs – 1st & 2nd             Phoenix – ECS                                                                                  
Female 35-44yrs – 1st & 2nd Preseli Edge Angus                                                                          
Female 45-55yr – 1st Davies roofing ltd                                                                            
Female 55yrs – 1st Etts electrical                                                                                    
Local male – 1st & 2nd Maenclochog Hardware                                                                
Local female – 1st & 2nd Maenclochog Hardware                                                                
Best Male fun runner Shop Sarah’s
Best Female fun runner Gernant garage
UltrabeasT Sublimated jade glass awards.


Category – Glass trophy  
Male 18-39yrs 1st,2nd,3rd Ivor Rees & sons
Male 40-49yrs 1st & 2nd Wallace Direct Ltd
Male 50-59yrs 1st Gamallt Ltd                                                                                    
Male 60yrs+ 1st Etts electrical                                                                                
Female 18-34yrs 1st, 2nd,3rd Ivor Rees & sons
Female 35-44yrs 1st & 2nd Arbel electronics                                                                          
Female 45-54yrs 1st Wallace Direct Ltd
Female 55yrs 1st Etts electrical                                                                                  
Local male 1st Dogs Galore                                                                                  
Local female 1st Dogs Galore                                                                                    


Goody bag sponsors- Bluestone Brewery.

Spot Prizes- Bluestone Brewery,   Gwaun valley brewery,   Seren brewery