Things are hotting up!

It’s all go at Beast HQ. Trophies have been proofed, and in my mind they look fab. Slightly different from previous years, but just as good. 😉

Beastly rub down! Oh, I say!!! For those of you who fancy a rub down after your hard efforts, then you’ll be pleased to hear that local lad Daniel Salmon who’s doing his 3rd year Sports Rehab, conditioning and massage degree will be on hand to try and sort out your aches and pains. It’s free, but if you’d like to give a donation for his time and troubles. 😉

The slate coaster should be here by the end of this week. Thanks Maricraft slate world. 🙂

We have LOTS of cake in the freezer already, which was lovingly donated by Wynn Cliff from the Anniversary Waltz/Teenager with Altitude race. They’re cakealicous! Not that I’ve tried any of course!!! :p  There’s even more cake coming down from the North too. Ee by gwm, dey know ha ta bake oop der! :p

Now, there’s a slight change of plan for the Friday night with regards to if you wanted to sleep in the hall. The hall is now being used by a small theatre company for a small play. The small front room(where people have slept in previously(and has space for about 12people) will be available from approx. 7pm, and the whole hall and back room will be free after approx 11pm. You can either watch the play, or the Globe Inn is within crawling distance!!! :p The small kitchenette will be available too, but you might have to be twinkletoes as it’s right next to the hall! :p

Current entrants as of Wed 25/04. 😉

Beast Bach Entries 2018 – 183 entrants 

Preseli Beast Entries 2018 – 68 entrants

Ultrabeast Entries 2018 – 42 entrants.

Race numbers have been ordered, and they’ve been sponsored again by Etts electrical services. Thank you. Your race number will be finalised during the week before the race. At the moment the current entry list shows everyone together in their relevant categories so you can see who you’re up against. Final numbers will be given by surname A-Z. 😉

Some UltrabeasT news! 

I need to point out a few things about the cut off point at Foel Feddau, and it is the point at which you leave the 24 mile route on towards Foel Drygarn. Should you be over the cut off time here, or decide to not head out to Foel Drygarn, then you must tell the marshals here this and they will write ‘PB’ on your race number, and a line through it. This will let the finishing line marshals know that you are running the 24 miler instead and you will be given a finishing time and result in the Preseli Beast race. When you return to the finishing area in Maenclochog, you must also remember to finish in the Preseli Beast(24m) funnel. Failure to do this could result in you being given a wrong time, and cause confusion for the timing marshals. It’s confusing enough as it is with three races finishing at the same time!

I’m trying to sort the mammoth job of working out where all the marshals are going, not an easy task when trying to fit in some new ones. I’m incredibly lucky to have such a fabulous bunch of people who really make the whole event so great. Thank you marshals. 😉 If you’d like to help out, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 😉

Right, I think that’s it for now. Thanks all.


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