As promised…………..The 2019 entries are finally……………open!

Much later than usual, entries are now open. Yeah(or, ‘oh no’ if you’re me!)!

So, what’s new for 2019? Well, not a lot, but there are some.

Will there be cake? Absolutely.

Three distances? Yes. 11mile Beast Bach(BB); 24mile Preseli Beast(BB); and the 32 mile UltrabeasT(UB).

T-shirts? No, not this year sorry.

Coasters? Yes, three different types this year depending on which race you do.

Are there limited entries? Yes, BB-200; PB- 100; UB- 100.

How much does it cost to enter? Well, it’s going to be the same as when it started in 2013! BB-£10; PB-£13; UB-£16. A billy bargain.

Is there food/drink at the end? Yes, a bowl of lush cawl/soup bread and cheese, tea/coffee, and……CAKE!

Is the route marked? Sort of! BB will be in its entirety. PB and UB will have very limited marking, so get a map! There will be marshals at water/checkpoint stations.

Are there prizes/trophies? Yes, many various age category trophies.

Will it be tough? It ain’t called the Beast for no reason!

Will I get muddy? YES!

Do I need fell/off-road trainers? YES.

Will there be views? Yes, if it’s not foggy!

Will it rain? I haven’t got a clue! Bring kit!

Is there a party/beer to celebrate afterwards? Yes. The finish is outside the local pub! There will also be the aftermath party at approx. 7pm in the hall with food and beers, then to the pub afterwards!

Where/when do I get my race number? On the morning of the race.

Do I get a confirmation email? No, just check the entry list which will get updated on a fortnightly basis.

Are there any other questions????? Probably.


So, get your entries in and please feel free to share the Beastly news. Cool runnings peeps!

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