Trophies ordered, and updated entry list.

So, the trophies for all the categories have been ordered. A whopping 62, yes, that’s right, 62 trophies!!! Phew! And believe it or not, there are still some categories that nobody has entered for!!! Okay, so it’s for the Ultrabeast which is pretty tough and it’s probably going to get the least number of entrants. Where are the tough F50s in the Ultrabeast, and there’s only 1 OF currently entered too! 🙂 I’m sure some will step up to the mark before the day.

A huge Thank you to all the sponsors. Please click below to see the whopping trophy list and their sponsors.

List of sponsors 2018  

Huge Thanks to Etts electrical for agreeing to sponsor the race numbers again. 😉

I’ve also updated the entry list, so please have a look to check if your details are correct on there. It’s also good to have a sneaky look at who you’re up against!

Beast Bach Entries 2018

Preseli Beast Entries 2018

UltrabeasT Entries 2018.xls

More good news is that Jacob Martin from Mid Nowhere productions is doing another Beastly film for us. He’s done amazingly well to take soooooo much footage over the years. He probably runs around just as much as all you runners. Please find his previous Beastly films, you never know you could already be famous if you’ve previously tamed the Beast. :p

Cheers all.


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